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March brings Spring and heartfelt wishes bloom into being!

As the flowers are blooming and doing their glorious thing I love to take some time out when I can to really slow it down and spend time with myself even more. Just get a little quieter in my busy life and

reset with my meditation and yoga practice.

To consciously give up something for the season of Lent and reboot for Spring.

Its a great thing for me to slow it down, reevaluate and recenter on some goals or even just surrender.

If you want to begin to meditate I want to share this wonderful ancient practice with you that has truly changed my life in so many wonderful ways.

On the front page of this blog I have invited you to visit 300 Free guided meditations from the amazing Davidji.

He is extraordinary I love his meditations!

If you wish to go on your own.

The best way to listen is to find a comfortable spot, breathing in and out ......listen and then let it turn off and thats when the meditation begins... in the silence.

If you want to just listen to the sound of your breath and the sounds around you, thats fine.

If you have a mantra from other practices use your mind tool.

If you wish you can use the universal mantra SO HUM which means I AM. This mantra will help you when the thoughts begin to swirl just let them but return to SO HUM when you notice it.

Start with the guided meditation but let it go off and let the silence take you in as you listen and repeat

SO HUM even if for a minute and then 5 minutes and keep going.

Begin with once a day and move on to twice a day.

The optimal is 30 minutes of silence 2 times a day in most practices.

But any time spent with the glorious YOU will bring wonderful fruitage inside and out.

So this is my offering for Spring and March ....Meditation

Enjoy....... Here also is an excerpt from Bluegoddess Love Poems

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